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How it works:

Visit a Coupon Site

Visit any grocery or retail store’s digital coupon site. The Chrome extension will automatically pop up.

Filter Coupons

Filter the coupons by the product categories you prefer.

Clip your Coupons

Set the number of coupons to clip or leave blank for all. Then press the “Clip” button to let Coupon Admin do the work.


Auto Clip
Clips and unclips all visible coupons on the webpage using a random timer to simulate human clicking.

Delay Control
Control the time between coupon clicks.

Coming Soon:
Clip all available coupons automatically loading more or clicking next page.

Coming Soon:
Ability for Coupon Admin to look for certain coupons by keywords and clip those before any other coupons.

Coming Soon:
Better human like movement when Coupon Admin is clipping to prevent webpages from spotting a script.

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