Auto Clip BJ’s Wholesale Club’s Digital Coupons

With the latest release of Coupon Admin (1.2.4), users are now able to clip the digital coupons listed on BJ’s coupon page. Along with this release, two other grocery stores were added to Coupon Admin’s functionality, Macey’s and Harmons Neighborhood Grocer. These stores were requested by a user about a month ago. I was slow to respond and update the code base, but the addition was fairly easy.

We are up to 23 installs of the Chrome Extension. Slowly adding 1 or 2 new users each week. I did pay for $20 in Google ads but did not really see any conversion. My next approach to acquire more users will be creating business cards that I can hand out in my local stores and friends and family.

Coupon Admin is the #1 Chrome extension for automatically clipping digital coupons

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