Coupon Admin Version 1.2

Coupon Admin version 1.2 has been submitted for Google’s Chrome Web Store review. This version of Coupon Admin includes “Delay Control”. Delay Control now allows you to set the delay between each coupon. Previously, Coupon Admin included a random delay between 250 milliseconds to 750 milliseconds between each coupon. Now the default is zero seconds between each clipped coupon.

To adjust the delay, click the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner and then input any value in the Delay Control input field. Each number defines the max number of seconds between each clipped coupon. For example, if you enter “5”. The max time between each coupon will be 5 seconds, however, there is a Math.random JavaScript method applied to the entered value. So, the time could be anywhere between 0 and 5 seconds. The method provides a random value between 0 and 1, and then is multiplied by the entered value.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Now that the defaulted time is zero, Coupon Admin will clip coupons super fast! There are some store websites that will detect an extension and temporarily block your IP address. Use caution when using Coupon Admin without setting any sort of Delay Control. I know Publix, Giant and Ibotta will block your IP address if you do not set a delay greater than a second.

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